Late night thoughts

Past few days have been pretty average to be honest. Not much has happened and I’m not feeling any different to how I was a few days ago.

Got a fair bit done yesterday in regards to personal life etc instead of school.

I’ve accepted my fate of failing Adv H English and I’m now working at my own pace. I reckon accepting it has finally put me into a good place because I’m not as stressed or mad at myself for being so far behind either. Spend most of my time editing little videos of someone jumping through a table into songs to make it fit in😂 a night well spent if you ask me🙈👌🏻 ahah I’m still doing it now but my laptop is refusing to hurry up and update🙄 it’s been going for at least half an hour now and it’s gonna stop me from getting any sleep!

Also did a music theory test and have accepted that I’m not capable of advanced higher😂 cried three times in the space of two hours so y’know. Probably going to get so much slack for it tomorrow as well from teachers because I left it to the last minute (again) 🙃

Ah well nothing I can do about it now just gotta stay positive and focus on the things I could do in it☺️

Au revoir mes amis✌🏻