Day two (continued)

This is just going to be a short continuation post seeing as I posted earlier today.

Got some reading done today, not as much as I would have liked but hey ho. I was struggling to actually keep focused and really think about the words on the paper so I came up with an idea. 
Read a chapter of my book.

Have three races of a good Xbox game.

Rinse aaaannndddd repeat.
Not only was I looking forward to having that little ten minute break every so often, but it also helped me to hone in and actually take more effective notes about characters and setting etc. I think it was because my eyes weren’t stuck in the one place for too long. It was kind of the equivalent of getting up and having tea or eating a snack between studying. I think I’ll definitely continue doing this as it made reading my book a much more bearable task.  I mean, I do love reading – but I read for enjoyment, not simply because I  need to compare two books and write an essay about them. It was a huge task when I started a few days ago but I’m now on chapter 16 out of 28 so things are looking up!

Au revoir mes amis✌🏻