Late night thoughts

Past few days have been pretty average to be honest. Not much has happened and I’m not feeling any different to how I was a few days ago.

Got a fair bit done yesterday in regards to personal life etc instead of school.

I’ve accepted my fate of failing Adv H English and I’m now working at my own pace. I reckon accepting it has finally put me into a good place because I’m not as stressed or mad at myself for being so far behind either. Spend most of my time editing little videos of someone jumping through a table into songs to make it fit in😂 a night well spent if you ask me🙈👌🏻 ahah I’m still doing it now but my laptop is refusing to hurry up and update🙄 it’s been going for at least half an hour now and it’s gonna stop me from getting any sleep!

Also did a music theory test and have accepted that I’m not capable of advanced higher😂 cried three times in the space of two hours so y’know. Probably going to get so much slack for it tomorrow as well from teachers because I left it to the last minute (again) 🙃

Ah well nothing I can do about it now just gotta stay positive and focus on the things I could do in it☺️

Au revoir mes amis✌🏻


Tuesday 3rd January 2016

Omg I’m actually getting worse. Yesterday I overslept by a little and messed up my sleeping routine yeah. But today aw nah. So my alarm was set for 7am and I woke up  – to turn off my alarm and go back to bed /.^

I eventually come downstairs at around about 13:10 and my little pupper couldn’t be happier to see me. After all it had been so long since she last saw me.

The fam came in from work at 2pm and I had only just finished my coco pops and washed the dishes. Oh my days man I’ve never slept in so long in my life!😂 

After getting changed I went out on a long walk. Took my book with me and got through a few chapters. I’m really starting to get into it and tbh I’ll be pretty gutted when I’ve finished it.

I have also accepted the fact that my dissertation won’t be handed in for tomorrow. Heck, I don’t even have a thesis statement yet!  I’m going to have a talk with teachers and tell them how I’m feeling about it all. I’m nowhere near as bad as I was even a fortnight ago though. Now I actually can sit down and work even if it is for half an hour etc. Before I was so reluctant thinking things like why should I waste 10 minutes setting up my laptop to then lay out all of my stationary and try and get back into a rhythm to only work for 5 minutes. Now I’m so far behind I’m literally using any time I have.

I also got a new laptop for Christmas which has been so helpful for doing my dissertation!
So my word of advice for anyone struggling with motivation; even if you are finding it difficult to get on top of things, it’ll all work out in the end! Slowly but surely things will start to fall into place, I can assure you of that. And if it doesn’t come to me and I’ll give you a hug and make everything okay☺️

Au revoir mes amis✌🏻