Today I had a few free periods in a row in school and I spent them getting lunch with my friends. We had such an amazing time even though all we were doing was collecting some food.  I think this then put me into a bad mood later in the day because I sat overthinking for so long.

When study leave starts I’m barely going to see any of these people ever again.  It really got to me today, like, the people that I’ve spent the past six years with probably aren’t going to be a part of my life from May onwards.  Yeah I’m sure we’ll still talk occasionally but I highly doubt that I will still talk to most of them next year. They’ll all move away and get new pals at their Unis and be happy with their new surroundings etc. Just messed with me a bit more today. I mean obviously I know we weren’t going to be at school forever but I just want it to last a little longer. I feel I’m finally at a stage where I’m comfortable with myself and it’s starting to show.

After a while I couldn’t take it and I was putting myself in a bad place mentally so I took the dog out again. Harlow was pulling on her leash more than usual so I just kinda jogged alongside her then ended up sprinting for what seemed like an age. It was so nice knowing that every so often she’d stop and turn around to check if I was okay.  Made me felt like someone actually cared and it was nice.  Ended up back home after maybe an hourish and had a lovely message on my iPod. That really cheered me up💞
Au revoir mes amis✌🏻