Turn of events

Whoops I kinda forgot about this🙈. So just to catch you all up, still behind on school work, still feeling kinda ill, but the motivation has definitely increased. And I have a weird feeling it has to do with a certain someone😜

Obviously I can’t name the bæ on here but I can describe the hell out of her for you all to be jealous of😊

She’s honestly the most beautiful, caring, and thoughtful person I’ve met. Her eyes are this amazing pastel blue colour and they have a certain tumblr-ness to them.  Her rosy wee cheeks are most likely going to be the death of me – that’s as well as her stunning smile. Both of them combined just make my heart melt and send my mind into a frenzy.

We’ve been talking a while now and went to the cinema on Friday night to see La La Land. (Turns out its a musical, whoops🙈) I genuinely thought I was going to be sitting uncomfortably for the two hours that the film was on for but I actually didn’t. The film was surprisingly good although I didn’t see much of it. Kept peering out of the corner of my eyes at bæ. She looked so happy and it made me ecstatic seeing her like this. She’s just so petite all around it’s honestly adorable. Feel like my hands are massive holding hers though😂 Had a lovely night all in and I’m glad to be seeing her again on Sunday for a study date. Doubt I’ll get much done though!!
Au revoir mes amis✌🏻


New beginnings

Hey guys. This is me. I’m not really sure which direction this is going to go in but something overcame me last night, Saturday 31st December 2016. It was really powerful and did mess with my head a little. I’m definitely not one of these “New Year, New Me” kind of people and I never will be.  The same goes for resolutions – I’m always going to be the same lazy and disappointing teen I’ve always been. But something has been going on in my head recently that just gave me the urge to start writing. I don’t know if this will continue throughout the year or even the next week but I do know that I’d like to share my life with you.

Connecting with people and making them realise their potential has always been a big thing for me because I’ve struggled with it so much in the past, however, I now feel that I’m in a comfortable position to start talking about it even though I am yet to overcome my personal struggles.  This isn’t going to be a “pro-you” page at all. It will definitely contain some dark bits and possibly even some triggers so I warn you now. It’s just a way of sharing my own life with others to try and help them understand what they are going through and to show them they are not alone.

So if this helps or even lessens the pain for anybody in the world, I feel my goal has been achieved.

Au revoir mes amis✌🏻

Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.