Better mood

After being really down on Thursday night Friday was pretty much the same. I met up with one of my friends and we walked down the centre to meet another from work. Had such a great time just chatting absolute rubbish to each other and complaining about our days. Then on Saturday my mum decides to come into my room and start belting out some major throwbacks and Sunday I went to the cinema with my gals. Monday was a pretty average day at school and I just kinda felt ‘normal’ I guess. Nothing major happened but I seemed to be really productive for a change. Finished an essay in music and my teacher praised me for being so quick with it and I’ve never felt more proud of myself for a silly little essay. Prelims are finally over soon which means I can get back into performing pieces of music and get back on track with my music programme. 6 pieces of music for drum kit and 4 for tuned percussion – I can do this!!

Au revoir mes amis ✌🏻


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