Day two

Back again🙈 Feeling pretty crappy today. My alarm was set for 8 this morning and I strolled out of bed at almost 11. I tried to get back into my school routine at least, eh? After having breakfast and having a little shower and doing my hair properly for the first time in days, I put on some of my new clothes from Christmas. I still didn’t feel too good but at least I didn’t look a mess.

I’ve got to find the motivation to sit down and do some work today though. My dissertation for Advanced Higher English was due on the 19th of December and I hadn’t even thought twice about it. I feel like I’m letting down my teachers already and it’s honestly the worst feeling in the world but I can’t seem to snap out of it.  Nobody’s pushing me to do anything because they want us to prepare for Uni and do more independent study but I’m just not ready. I still need to be pushed but they don’t understand that and all I’m doing is falling further and further behind.

So yeah, here’s hoping I can read a book then compare it to another in a 5000 word essay before Wednesday.

Au revoir mes amis✌🏻


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